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2022: 6 Best Container Tracking Software For Shipment Tracking

Updated: May 17, 2022

If you’re looking for the best software for tracking containers in real-time, you’re at the right place!

Real-time container tracking is a prerequisite for managing the entire shipping process. This is the most fundamental demand of maritime industry professionals. Earlier, keeping track of global cargo shipments was an arduous task. However important it may be, this burdensome practice was a lot time-consuming too. It required managers to manually check the status with the booking number on the website.

With the heavy pace of the newest technological advancements, this process has become effortless. It is a matter of milliseconds now to track the exact location of your shipping containers. It provides the required visibility into the supply chain proceedings. The modern-tracking system helps you fetch timely updates & offers rerouting opportunities. It also handles delayed shipment movements & potential transportation risks. To drive cutting-edge competition in the industry, more & more companies are taking leverage of container tracking software solutions.

Therefore, it becomes essential to choose the right software for your company. Giant Leap Systems has prepared the list of top 6 container tracking software to lift up heavy profits & look after your customer demands.

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What Is A Container Tracking Software?

A container tracking software is a software solution for tracking shipment containers in real-time. It offers direct visibility to track your international shipments & determine their current position. It fundamentally allows forwarders, importers, & exporters to seek container information & keep their clients informed. It is a step ahead of maintaining transparency amongst the customer-oriented processes. Its primary objective is to help track the shipments & monitor the customs clearance process.

Top 6 Container Tracking Software For Real-Time Tracking

The container tracking systems help reduce the manual work by aligning the several workflows. By providing 24/7 direct visibility to your shipping containers, the following tracking software also has a user-friendly interface. To know more about such benefits, here’s the list of the Top 6 container tracking software for assuring real-time tracking:

1. Giant Leap Systems - #1 Customized Software For Freight Forwarders, Shipping Companies, & Custom House Brokers

Giant Leap systems' most advanced customized solution is the #1 software for tracking shipments. It is specially designed for freight forwarders, shipping companies, & customs house brokers. With cutting-edge competition in the industry, the software excels in providing a top-notch container tracking system. It helps overcome the daily challenges of the maritime industry.

Since it’s an end-to-end management solution to track all the international shipments. The real-time updates feature helps to monitor the exact location follow-ups & customs clearance proceedings duly. Furthermore, it helps avoid undiscovered potential disruptions, delays, losses, detentions, & late deliveries. As such issues may also lead to huge financial losses. Giant Leap Systems' efficient container tracking system aims for the successful delivery of goods at the port destination.

This customized software tops the list with flying colors. As their main objective is to improve the profit margins, reduce costs, maintain transparency & successfully manage the entire shipping process. It does a strategic job by keeping all the stakeholders informed. It’s the #1 choice for maritime industry professionals to create an excellent customer experience. Their recurring alerts help manage transportation risks if any.

The other benefits of the GLS customized shipping software as per your business needs & latest trends are as follows:

  1. Customer-Centric Processes

  2. Saves From Financial Losses

  3. Improves Profit Margins By 2x

  4. Reduces Operational Costs By 40%

  5. Logistics-Driven Insights

  6. Comprehensive Shipment Solution

  7. Centralized Shipment System

  8. Single System Documentation

  9. Competitor’s Trade Activities Records

  10. Global Shipment Management Solution

2. Gocomet

Gocomet is the best tracking solution to monitor all your international shipments. The software auto-records the movements of the shipment containers. It helps assess the carrier efficiency & performance too. Trusted by leaders, it aims to eliminate manual tracking & follow-ups. Its user-friendly platform makes the tracking process easier & less time-consuming. Their automated processes improve the overall efficiency of the work systems. It’s a way to improve customer experience by monitoring data with the customers.

3. Cogoport

Cogoport aspires to simplify your global logistics by tracking your shipments comprehensively. It helps build better customer relationships by maintaining transparency & offering convenience. It offers supply chain visibility to track containers across land & sea. It helps inform all the stakeholders with minimum delays. The cogoport software display all the details in a single dashboard. It helps you manage unforeseeable situations & reduce costs. Their regular status reports are a way to keep track of all your shipments without any distraction.

4. GoFreight

GoFreight container tracking software is a comprehensive solution to track international shipments. It provides an accurate container status by integrating multiple sources of information & cross-referencing procedures. It notifies about the abnormal containers that can lead to potential risks. You can consider it as a centralized portal for container information. It helps maintain transparency & saves a ton of money via detention costs. You can track the status of your shipments by entering a bill of lading/container number/SKU number.

5. Kuebix

Keubix container management solution is a user-friendly platform that assists all transportation modes. It aims to save both time & money by providing increased visibility to the shipment containers. It provides real-time carrier updates & manages inbound freight accurately. It keeps the internal stakeholders informed with the follow-ups. The software provides smart shipping solutions & efficient services to its customers. Which in turn helps maintain transparency. It connects all carriers for an easy communication setting. This practice helps save time & money in the process.

6. Shipsy

Shipsy offers a live-tracking platform solution for real-time visibility. It helps track shipments by improving delivery transparency. The software offers real-time insights & ensures faster delivery of export items. Their single dashboard improves communication amongst stakeholders. Their shipment automation management ensures easy integration. The main purpose of the software is to track the shipments & drive data-driven decision-making opportunities. Their proactive alerts help avoid transportation risks.

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1. Which is the best software for shipment tracking?

Giant Leap Systems’ customized software solution is the best software globally for tracking shipments. It helps provide detailed shipment information & builds effective communication amongst logistics stakeholders. The software provides real-time insights which help avoid potential transportation risks & losses. It helps maintain transparency & fosters an excellent customer relationship proactively.

2. What is a shipment tracking system?

A shipment tracking system is the process of tracking/tracing shipment containers. During the entire shipping process, a container tracking system provides real-time updates & follow-ups. This contributes to keeping the customers & stakeholders informed about the current status of the shipments.

3. How do you track your ocean shipment?

There are a few ways to track your ocean shipments. You can track it by specifying the Container Number/Bill of landing/Booking Number & the Shipping Line.


A container tracking software helps you manage international shipments. This practice lays the foundation for saving a lot on costs, improving customer experience, & boosting profits. Giant Leaps System is a leading service provider in the maritime industry. The customized software solves the purpose of providing a centralized solution. As it is a tailored solution fulfilling your individual business needs. It helps manage the shipping process with the help of advanced technology.

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