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#1 Customized Freight Forwarding Software For Shipping Companies

software for freight forwarders

With increasing competition in the freight forwarding industry, new organizations are coming in with more profitable methods & fewer complex technicalities. The role of freight forwarders in the international trade movement is completely on behalf of the cargo owner. However, managing the responsibilities of a freight forwarder is a comprehensive job. This includes vessel tracking, freight consolidation, & customs documentation is an end-to-end job.

Keeping in mind such considerations, GLS offers a comprehensive means to set your foot in the industry. It is by overcoming daily challenges & hurdles in a freight forwarder’s way. Consider this an opportunity for you to save both time & money. You must avail the benefits of automation & business-intelligence shipping solutions in your business. This is a means to put an end to manual paperwork & acquire robust API integrations.

With our customized freight forwarder software solutions, we focus on your individual concerns & challenges that you face while fulfilling the trade activities. Read ahead to know more about this best-tailored freight forwarding software. It brings with it fulfillment solutions required to meet futuristic demands as well. Not only does it cater to your individual business needs but provides valuable insights to fetch more leads & profits.

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What Is Freight Forwarding Software?

A Freight Forwarding Management Software is an arbitrator mechanism between the exporter & the entire shipping process. It helps connect with potential carriers & finding some of the most profitable supply chains. This happens by getting access to trade reports based on Business Intelligence solutions. This software has premier solutions to offer quality services. It includes facilities like real-time tracking/updates, handling export documentation with AMS, and monitoring trade activities of your client’s competitors to collect valuable insights.

A freight forwarder has a lot on their plate. Considering this, it is a way for you to administer multiple documentation systems at the same time. Vessel tracking & organizing shipping documentation via a safe network is a part of shipment management. In this technologically biased era, you must understand the relevance of real-time data & insights. By checking out the valuable trade reports of your competitors or global trade flow assessment, you can increase your profits at least by 30%. And the reason is simple, with the help of trade reports, you gain access to:

  • Quality suppliers

  • Identify your client’s potential competitors

  • Monitor your current customers

  • Get potential customer leads

  • Explore new markets

What Is The Role Of The Freight Forwarder?

A Freight Forwarder is responsible for arranging the best possible supply chain assistance & third-party logistics. Their role also extends to coming up with cost-effective solutions. This includes freight costs, insurance fees, port charges, & avoiding penalties via filing correct information with the customs department. They must tend to utilize their expertise via a multitudinous management system.

The job of freight forwarders is to administer the complete trade process. Arranging the means of transport (ship), shipment documentation, customs clearance, warehousing space, & final delivery services are on their shoulders. Here is the exact role of freight forwarders in leading the successful trade activities worldwide:

  • Handling the transportation of the shipment

  • Negotiating logistics arrangement pricing

  • Supervising the export documentation on multiple systems

  • Confirming the space on the ocean vessel

  • Arranging warehouse facilities for the goods

  • Handling cargo insurance on behalf of the exporter

  • Comply with the shipping conventions by the customs department

Top Challenges Faced By The Freight Forwarders

software for freight forwarders

Making your way through the freight forwarding industry may seem like a smooth passage, but the road ahead is bumpy. Some companies are still behind in the race. There is extensive competition in the industry. That’s why it is important to overcome your business shortages at the right time. The adaptation of technological advancements can assist you with industry best practices. This is about introducing advanced technology, automation, getting real-time insights, & curbing rising costs. It’s time to take bigger steps in making freight forwarding more efficient, manageable, & profitable.

There is a drastic shift toward automation & business intelligence in the maritime industry. Thus, here are the challenges that you will overcome over time with the right freight forwarding management software:

Intense Competition

With low barriers to entry in the industry, you can build your competitive edge by inclining towards automation. This helps save time, makes management easy, & ensures that you stay profitable with the help of the trade report insights. It helps you strategically deal with your clients. For this, you must adopt a centralized freight forwarding management arrangement.

No Real-Time Tracking

The clearance of goods from the customs department is a top-notch priority for any successful delivery of goods. The absence of real-time tracking or updates in reference to the shipped goods can lead to undiscovered disruptions. This includes delays, losses, detentions, & late deliveries.

Financial Losses/Penalties

Fulfilling the export documentation is a prerequisite for trade activities. Especially those taking place through the international borders. Filing the wrong information with the customs department related to goods, HSN codes, & others can lead to heavy penalties. So, save your time & money by filing in multiple systems at once via GLS customized freight forwarder software.

Poor Customer Service

Along with the latest trends in the maritime industry, customer demands are also changing & have gained a whole new perspective. Your clients (both the exporter & importer) want to be transparently updated & be a part of the process without much effort. You can overcome this challenge by shifting towards real-time updates, & personalized shipping solutions.

Rising Transportation Costs

With the rising transportation & warehousing costs, you wouldn’t want to lose your clients by loading them with penalties. Filing correct documentation data in multiple steps at once. You can reduce your manual paperwork & related operations costs by 40%. This is only by getting access to freight forwarding software in a one-step process.

Why Choose Giant Leap Systems?

GLS is the leading service provider for freight forwarders. It helps manage its operations strategically with the help of advanced technology. It is an end-to-end tailored solution for your client’s demands & their export/import transactions. This software alone caters to the challenges particularly faced by your business. The purpose is to provide an integrative solution for all your immediate concerns.

You must choose GLS customized software solution for the following reasons:

software for freight forwarders

Customer-Centric Management

Customized freight forwarding software solutions help focus on your customers’ present-day demands. It helps maintain transparency with the overall shipping process & logistics. This is a way for you to surpass your customer’s expectations in moments. The adaptation of the latest technological advancements & automation tools enables a profitable network. This customer-centric approach with reliable strategies puts negotiations in place. Based on such Business Intelligence shipping solutions, you will result in 2x profits for you & your clients.

Logistics-Driven Insights

Worldwide trade activities lay the foundation for global trade statistics. You can maximize your potential by utilizing these insights to create value-based judgment. Our trade reports based on Business-Intelligence technologies ensure that forwarders remain sound. These trade reports give you access to alternative profitable choices. Like, supply chains, potential customer leads, current customer analysis, new market opportunities, & others. These logistics-driven insights help plan & create concrete shipment networks & strategies.

Real-Time Analytics/Updates

The process of customs clearance is very crucial for the successful delivery of goods at the port destination. You must file the correct documentation with the customs department before 24 hours. Thereafter, your next step becomes to monitor the clearance proceeding with real-time updates. This helps in avoiding undiscovered disruptions, delays, losses, detentions, & late deliveries.

Single System Documentation

Instead of interacting with multiple systems for export documentation processes, we have a better fit for you. GLS customized Freight Forwarding Software helps enter shipping details in all the systems at once. This helps avoid unnecessary delays & saves time owing to advanced API Integrations. Which in turn ensures getting the clearance seamlessly. It is also an opportunity for you to save yourself from steep penalties. The purpose is to make sure that the details are correct & filled in timely by an independent filing structure.

Competitor’s Trade Activities

Are you aware that your competitor’s been watching you right now? Well, you should too. GLS offers your client’s competitor’s trade reports. It is based on valuable insights derived from Business-Intelligence solutions. This will help you get ahead & build a competitive advantage for your clients. We help you build it by securing profitable supply chains, exploring new markets & reducing costs with the assistance of bulk trade insights.

Global Shipment Management

Shipment management demands an end-to-end role from freight forwarders involved in the business. This is a direct chance to seek unlimited profits for yourself & your clients in no time. The global trade reports at your fingertips & right strategies will help you cut the costs. The real-time visibility of the exports & imports will track the due clearance & provide updates to your clients. With our customized software for your individual business needs, you get to automate your processes & create an even bigger network over time.


1. What are the benefits of Freight Forwarding Software?

There are several benefits of freight forwarding software. It is designed to help freight forwarders achieve profitability & derive a functional ecosystem:

  • Fulfills the customer-centric demands

  • Helps with the export documentation

  • Real-time tracking/updates

  • Robust & advanced API integrations

  • Controlled user access for privacy concerns

  • Saves time & money

  • A secured network for filing shipment data

  • 24/7 global services

2. How do Freight Forwarders function?

Here’s how freight forwarders function on an exporter’s behalf to mediate the gap between themselves & the importer:

  • Looking into profitable supply chains for the clients

  • Arranging the means of transportation (ocean freight)

  • Booking the cargo vessel on the ship

  • Handling the export documentation with the customs department

  • Looking into cargo insurance for unforeseeable events

  • Real-time tracking/monitoring for the customs clearance process

  • Warehouse facilities for storing the goods

3. Which is the best freight forwarding software?

GLS customized Freight Forwarding Software is the best software for freight forwarders. It helps streamline all the efforts necessary for a successful import/export of goods. It makes the customer experience better & helps focus on creating a centralized freight forwarding system. It is particularly catered to you & your business requirements. It also helps manage your client’s shipment in the most strategic & advanced manner. It makes liaising with the trade reports, the parties involved, & avoiding losses much less difficult


While you may have an existing freight forwarding software that caters to general problems faced by the freight forwarding business. We at GLS, present you with an opportunity to get your own freight forwarding software. This will be primarily customized to your shipping business requirements & client’s demands. This will be an integrative solution to all your challenges & will bring an end to disrupted profits & wastage of time. GLS opens the door to maximizing your potential as a competing business. As a result, you get access to global trade reports & business intelligence trade solutions for your business.

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