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Product Engineering

Digital transformation involves establishing a strong foundation for technology initiatives. One crucial aspect is building a robust and scalable platform. Our engineers collaborate with CXO organizations to design, develop, and maintain high-performance platforms that support digital initiatives.

We adhere to best practices for architecture, data security, and scalability to ensure future readiness. By working closely with our customers' teams, we define requirements, co-innovate, design user-friendly interfaces, and develop market-ready solutions for exceptional customer experiences.

New Product or Platform Engineering

Our teams bring your ideas to life, following a "Concept-to-Cash" approach. Whether you need a quick prototype, a minimum viable product (MVP), or a full-scale product/platform, we provide continuous product support, monitoring, and optimization. This ensures smooth and secure operations, meeting evolving business and user needs.



We collaborate to drive innovation, automate processes, and unlock efficiency and agility. This involves developing custom solutions and integrating them with existing tools and ERP platforms. We streamline development workflows using the latest technologies for code generation, automated testing, deployment, and monitoring. This results in faster time-to-market and reduced development costs.



We help our customers stay relevant and competitive. Modernization includes design and technology refresh, utilizing the latest frameworks, and modernizing applications and platforms. We facilitate seamless transitions to cloud environments (private, public, or hybrid), ensuring minimal business disruption. This approach maximizes business outcomes, enhances performance, and delivers cost efficiencies.

Purple Net

Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

We offer a wide range of advanced technology services that empower organizations to fully harness the power of their data and embrace the exciting future of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). With our expertise, we are able to transform raw data into valuable insights that not only inform but also drive strategic decision-making processes.


At the core of our services is our comprehensive data analytics solution. We go beyond just data collection and processing – we delve into thorough analysis and provide dynamic visualization using a variety of cutting-edge tools and frameworks. Through our innovative approach, we are able to deliver predictive analytics using ML algorithms, uncover hidden patterns through advanced statistical modeling techniques, leverage the power of natural language processing to extract meaningful information, and harness computer vision techniques to gain valuable insights from visual data.

In addition to our robust data analytics services, we also offer tailored solutions to meet specific business needs. Our team of experts work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and develop customized strategies that align with their business goals.

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Data Engineering

Data engineering is the backbone of any successful digital transformation and data-driven initiative. We provide comprehensive services for data acquisition, storage, and data preparation in the Cloud, for analytics, AI and ML. At GiantLeap, our data engineering services includes:


Data Strategy

We collaborate with clients to develop a robust data strategy and roadmap for digital transformation, cloud adoption, and AI/ML technologies. This helps make informed, data-driven decisions aligned with business objectives. We design data architectures and optimize database designs to meet long-term data requirements, including selecting suitable databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Data Lake, Warehouse Implementation

Implementing data warehouses and data lakes is vital for modern data infrastructure. We help clients set up scalable and cost-effective solutions for all types of data. Our expertise lies in designing and implementing data warehouses that enable efficient querying, reporting, and high performance.

Data Pipeline

Data pipelines efficiently move data between systems. We develop ETL (extract, transform, load), ELT (extract, load, transform), or ETLT (extract, transform, load, transform) pipelines to extract data from source systems, transform it, and load it into the target storage for consumption.

Data Modelling

We establish the foundation for effective business analytics and reporting, enabling meaningful insights from data. We design data models to ensure data is structured effectively for analysis. Our data modeling techniques focus on driving performance.

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