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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable businesses by transforming processes, uncovering invaluable insights, and delivering efficiency and business value

Our Story

Driving Business and Technology Transformation

GiantLeap operates at the cusp of transformation, driven by rapidly changing business needs, customer expectations and emerging technology landscape.

We focus on new technologies be it Cloud Services, Data Engineering, AI, ML. We enable our customers build and transform products, platforms and accelerate value delivery by being nimble, agile, and responsive to their business and technology needs.

Engineering is in our DNA! We believe in developing exceptional engineering talent across leading edge technologies and run programs to enable learning by doing, experimentations, and delivering innovative solutions.

Ajoy Sreedharan

25+ years of experience in IT Services and software product development companies, seasoned architect, hands on with technology and passionate about building teams and mentoring technology talent into “code cranking” high performance teams. Previously worked at Zensar, United Technologies Corp.

Divyesh Shah

25+ years of experience in IT Services, software product companies and building successful start-ups. He has played leadership roles in many of his previous accounts and has successfully led teams for his clients in India, USA and UK. Previously worked at Zensar, Satyam, World Bank, NYSE, MCI WorldCom. 

Shashank Upadhyay

25+ years of cross functional experience in strategy consulting, business design, pre-sales and business development. Passionate about business and venture design, digital transformation and building growth and transformation journeys for start-ups to small-medium to large enterprises. Previously worked at Zensar, Colayer, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and co-founded ScaleFactor Consulting Labs.


Experienced Leadership

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