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The Benefits Of Using Freight Forwarding Software

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

freight forwarder software solutions

In order to build a striking competitive advantage in the market, you must expedite your business efforts. By that we mean, shifting towards advanced technologies for better returns. Have you ever wondered, what is it like to ship goods at nearly 2x margins? Because yes, it is possible. Your current supply chains may not be serving you as profitably as they should. You may not be fully aware of your potential customers who are waiting to work with you.

With the better implementation of shipping solutions in a business, you can devise an effective strategy. This strategy will take you to your ultimate destination of quality services & high profits. It’s time to escalate the job of freight forwarders. The coordination of the entire shipping process falls on their shoulders. Our best technological innovations can help you get access to:

  • Potential customers

  • More profitable supply chains

  • Competitor’s trade reports

  • Negligible financial losses

  • Newmarket opportunities

Read ahead to find out why the best freight forwarding software solutions are important for your business growth. GLS’s aim is to make you aware of the best solutions that help overcome challenges.

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Benefits Of Freight Forwarding Software

The freight forwarding business is much more complex than it may seem from the outside. From handling the transportation of freight to complying with the customs regulations, it’s not a day’s job. Forwarders are required to be aware of the supply chains & what improves their relationship with their clients. One of their other roles also involves optimizing the costs & directing them toward cost-effective solutions.

A freight forwarding software helps you integrate all your operations into a centralized freight forwarding system. This also helps you get rid of any hurdles or challenges in your pathway. It provides flexibility to your clients by maintaining transparency in the processes. And with automation & business intelligence moving hand in hand, the software can help you provide accurate analytics. These insights help compare trade reports & make enriching decisions for long-term growth.

Therefore, here are the potential benefits for a business with the freight forwarding software:

freight forwarder software solutions

1. Customer-Oriented Processes

One of the prime benefits of having customized freight forwarding software is customer-oriented processes. Modern-day customers demand transparency in their shipping transactions. This is a way for you to foster customer loyalty to your brand. Updating your clients about their customs clearance proceedings & overall logistics helps them stay connected. That’s only because they want to be an active part of the entire process. These solutions tailored to your customer’s business needs will cater to their individual demands.

2. In-Depth Analytics Judgement

The power of data & analytics in today’s world is beyond many possibilities. The trade activities happening globally sets the bedrock for global trade statistics. With the help of this data, you can get access to competitors’ trade reports, profitable supply chains, & explore new logistics opportunities. These trade reports are based on Business Intelligence solutions for value-based judgment. This will help you maximize profits extensively. It will also help derive potential customer leads that help in creating diverse shipping networks.

3. Single-System Documentation

Filing in export details in every system one by one takes a lot of time. The concept of single system documentation allows you to fill in data in all the systems at once. Instead of interacting with multiple systems individually, you enter shipping details once and for all. By the means of this software, we integrate data with every stakeholder. This saves a lot of time & avoids unnecessary delays that may also cause huge financial losses. With the assistance of robust API Integrations, the process of customs clearance becomes hassle-free with real-time updates. This also becomes a means to reduce paperwork & save your operation costs by at least 40%

4. Real-Time Customs Follow-Up

An attempt toward successful delivery of trade goods requires due clearance from the customs department. You must complete the necessary documentation formalities laid by the customs authorities prior to 24 hours. This freight forwarding software offers an end-to-end integration that provides real-time updates. These updates give a follow-up regarding the customs clearance proceedings, bookings, & final delivery. It helps put together the entire freight operations process. This further helps avoid any delays, losses, or undiscovered disruptions in the flow of shipments.

5. Global Shipment Network

Freight forwarding software helps in looking out for opportunities to create a global network. With 24/7 network assistance, here’s a chance for you to serve your clients at any time. You get access to global trade reports & real-time visibility. This helps create a wider network & caters to every client’s shipping needs. The trade reports will help you cut costs & save a lot of money. Whereas, real-time visibility helps track the status of the shipments. It’s an opportunity to reduce hassle in work processes on a large scale. The customized software is an on-demand mechanism that integrates stakeholders together to save both costs & money.

GLS - Customized Freight Forwarding Software

GLS is a large-scale service provider in the maritime industry. In this system, one of our main responsibilities includes creating software as per your business needs. In the regular hassle of individual business problems, imagine a solution catering to your requirements. This software helps build a competitive edge in the industry with its best practices & features. We are aware of the challenges faced by digital freight forwarders. And it’s time to move ahead & open door to better management opportunities.

This software also provides a means to a centralized freight forwarding management system. The advanced technology helps save time & money. The entire process becomes cost-effective with a route to potential customers every day. Therefore, the aim of this software is to tackle your immediate concerns. This software fulfills today's needs via escalating profitability & efficiency in no time. We set the base for the best choices in the future.

  • Centralized freight forwarding system

  • Helps coordinate the entire shipping process

  • Real-time follow-ups for customs proceedings

  • Maintains transparency with the clients by constantly updating them

  • Competitor's trade reports for in-depth analysis

  • Files export documentation for all the systems at one

  • Integrates information with the stakeholders

  • Helps avoid financial losses/penalties

  • Robust API Integrations

  • Compliance with customs management

  • Profitable supply chain networks

  • Newmarket opportunities for expansion


1. What is freight forwarding software?

A freight forwarding software is an intermediary between the exporter, carrier & the entire shipping process. It supports a mechanism that facilitates the coordination of shipping activities. Right from tracking in real-time to handling export documentation. It is an end-to-end management solution for freight forwarders willing to up-scale in the industry. The most significant benefits of using this software are:

  • Handling export documentation

  • Competitor’s trade reports

  • Real-time analytics

  • Profitable supply chain management

  • Robust API Integrations

2. What services do freight forwarders provide?

There is a wide range of services that freight forwarders offer to their clients. They ensure overall management of the shipping process by looking after their client’s specific needs. This helps them customize solutions with high-quality service & profits. Therefore, they assist at all levels catering to the following business needs:

  • Shipment of the goods

  • Negotiating logistics pricing

  • Booking ocean vessel space

  • Completing export documentation

  • Getting cargo insurance done

  • Arranging warehouse facilities

  • Tracking the customs clearance

  • Complying with shipping conventions

3. Why do you need freight forwarding software?

As a growing company in the industry, you must put in advanced shipping solutions for long-term sustainability. Your firm must be facing challenges in its day-to-day operations. Because of factors like intense competition, financial losses, & poor customer service, here’s why you need freight forwarding software:

  • To automate the shipping processes

  • To seek real-time updates on customs clearance

  • To utilize insights from trade data reports

  • To save time by handling export documentation

  • To expand by creating a global shipping network


freight forwarder software solutions

Giant Leaps System offers customized freight forwarding software solutions. It is a means of making your work processes more efficient. With our years of experience, we provide a spectrum of solutions for the successful movement of freight. You can consider it as a one-stop solution for taking the goods to their final destination. It’s a tool that every freight forwarder must invest in for skyrocketing profits.

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