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7 Crucial Reasons Why You Need An Offshore Team

Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Offshore Team On Board

Rendering offshore services is an old-age practice followed by skilled IT professionals all over the world. However, India renders over 1 million engineering degrees and diploma holders each year. Amongst them, a large share of these professionals enters the IT industry. And apart from the direct impact it makes, the city of Pune in India aims to utilize its competency in the outside world!

Being an offshore development team that stays by your side is our premier offering to your brand. Keeping this into consideration, our top-notch solutions will not only empower your brand with innovative software outcomes but also make sure to stay relevant in the industry. With us now fully utilizing our ingenious abilities, you no longer have to hang on by the local talent. You can go offshoring with this guide!

Being said so, we intend to establish a framework that scales up your business operations with the cooperation of our premium software developers. Besides, those software companies who are willing to match today’s modernized demand by investing largely into their software companies know how to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

We further intend to capitalize on the investment made by delivering cost-effective exceptional solutions. In this blog, you’ll look at the top benefits of hiring an offshore team of software developers. Besides that, you’ll learn about how we create a seamless offshore experience for our clients by thriving on what’s best for their business.

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7 Reasons Of Hiring An Offshore Team Of Software Developers

Do you think you can win the race & augment your business potential with better opportunities by hiring an offshore team? Well of course you will but let’s see how?! Our hard-working developers will put in their real experience to minimize the risks & maximize your output. By bringing together their accumulated knowledge & matching it with the desired demand, we make sure to exceed your business requirements. In a way, boosting our productivity to deliver excellent results.

With that understanding, let’s move forward to understand in detail the various advantages of working with an offshore team.

reasons to hire indian offshore development

1. Pool Of Highly Skilled Engineers

When you’re hiring an offshore team of software developers from India, you’re already on the right track. More likely because the decision is more economical & will generate results faster. For you to get rid of the costs associated with the recruitment process of the local talent, their high salary & equipment, you got to engage with the right offshore partner.

India is an offshore country full of highly-trained developers ready to collaborate with you. The country brings out more than 1.5 million engineers every year with wholesome proficiency who knows how to take control. As it turns out the actual problem might also be the scarcity of local talent in your country, make it better by reaching out to the talent pool waiting for you overseas.

2. Cost-Effective Deal Powered By Maximum Output

It’s the instinct of every company throughout the world to aim for reducing their costs & maximizing their profits without bearing the burden of low-quality work. However, if you think about it, the cost of living in a country like India is much lower than the other countries in the west. This also makes an impact on their salaries, when generating low-quality output is out of the question.

It should not come as a surprise to know that software engineers are significantly paid throughout the world. Despite that, you get access to cost-effective talent in abundance who need not be micromanaged. And for this very reason, that’s how you scale your business by choosing the most dedicated team of developers in India.

3. Fueling Productivity For Seamless Scalability

Your search to find the most appropriate offshore team clearly defines your intention to scale your business. Well, we see no reason for you to not do so! A 100% extension of your proactive team will generate premium results for your business. Not just that, but it will also open the door of opportunities for your business to stay competitive in the market.

With better scaling strategies & the right offshore partner by your side, we help you set up a fully-integrated structural solution for your latest business requirements. Given the dedication you expect us to work with, you’re surely be scaling at the speed of the light!

4. No Hassle Of Micromanaging The Operations

What are your expectations from your offshore partner? Is it a competent workforce? Or a team of professionals with great administrative skills? Well, if you’re eyes are set on the right partner, you can reap these benefits. Moreover, you also get to focus on other important tasks as well!

The day-to-day responsibilities of a business constitute managing different aspects of projects. However, our professionals leave no room for constant supervision. It’s just about utilizing the proficiency of our developers to manage the projects entirely. Having passed on the relevant business information & with greater involvement in the team, we surpass your confidence in us by managing skillfully.

5. Imbibing Your Organization Culture To Maximize Compatibility

Every business organization has its own set of cultures & work methods to thrive upon and their employees work by it smoothly. However, offshoring to India can be a great chance for your business in terms of cultural compatibility, no language barrier & affinity towards your business ethos.

India’s culture is greatly influenced by western culture, thereby establishing well-balanced cultural leverage over other enterprises. With our current strategic position to understand & thrive on your cultural values, we get familiar with your work processes & streamline the efforts in the right direction.

6. Flexibility & Ability To Manage Your Daily Operations

Another significant aspect of offshoring is to swiftly respond to the latest market demands. Besides that, workplace flexibility also involves the willingness to meet deadlines in time & respond to short-term market requirements innovatively.

This gives rise to a mechanism where your core team focuses on other important business activities & your offshore team matches up to your market demands. Thereby creating a perfect integrated structure for balanced solutions. Not only this, but we also help you with the daily challenges just like your core team!

7. Outperforming By Establishing A 24/7 Customer Support

Before you hire offshore development talent, another aspect to take into consideration is looking for a company with 24/7 customer support. Working in different time zones will either create leverage or a disadvantage over differences in time. But it’s an advantage for India, Europe & USA, so you got to utilize this arrangement. With a crisis management system always in place, we will solve your problems before your next day even begin!

Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Offshore Team On Board

Pune - The Upcoming Silicon Valley Of India

Going offshore with Giant Leap Systems will be a desirable addition to your current business team. Hiring an offshore team of developers by the firms in the IT industry is a very age-old practice now and is even adopted by the world’s biggest tech giants. These include Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Samsung & others.

As far as your business growth is concerned, we aim to scale up your business by establishing a seamless flow of communication & delivering results on time. Our proactive engineers based in the Pune City of India will contribute significantly towards your business goals by assessing every critical dimension of your projects.

With Pune being one of the top choices of software developers is now referred to as The Silicon Valley of India. Moreover, the city never fails to captivate the interests of even giant IT companies because of the vast choices amongst the dynamic engineers.


1. What is Offshoring?

Offshoring refers to a practice where companies move their operations to a third party based overseas. With an intention to offshore the project overseas, you get high-quality results at low costs. That means when you hand in your operations to a team overseas, the other company ensures proper management of the projects when your company is still located domestically. This practice simply means scaling up your business with a new team in another country.

2. What is an Offshore Team?

An offshore team is primarily a group of skilled professionals working from a different time zone and taking care of business operations from overseas. You can also refer to them as a third-party located overseas who are hired at a lesser cost in comparison to the cost incurred by the local professionals to render the services.

They are much more than professionals, who are hired at a lesser cost. That’s because an offshore team maximizes their clients’ utility by offering premium results amongst other benefits mentioned above.

3. What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is the process of hiring a team of software developers in a different country and delegating the software-related operations to them. Your offshore team is similar to your local team in a way that they are permanent and intend to deliver results by focusing on your core business.

The primary responsibility of your offshore software developers is to manage the operations strategically and build a team that understands your business requirements. With reduced costs & maximized productivity, your team delivers your business outcomes & you get to focus on other important activities of the business.

4. Why do companies hire Offshore?

Companies usually hire offshore developers to adapt to the flexibility of matching up with the latest market needs quickly. This practice has lots of other advantages in terms of cost, quality work, talent, greater control & better scalability.

Partnering with an offshore company in 2021 is not at all a new practice. Besides, it allows companies to leverage these benefits to save money on employment costs & acquire the best solutions. Therefore, if partnered with the right company, they will reduce your burden and increase the company profits.

5. What is the most important thing to consider when working with Offshore Teams?

When working with an offshore team, the most important point of consideration is the flow of communication within the company. It is significant to keep in mind that there should be no language barriers or lack of understanding regarding the company’s work culture & values. That means the team must be aware of your core business, thereby setting up the basis for healthy & lucid communication.


What do you think? Now is it worth working with an offshore team? In this blog, you looked at the potential benefits of having an offshore development team onboard. We gave you a clear picture of what it's like to scale your business with an extended proactive team. With access to these specialized professionals working with you from miles apart, looking after your operations to quickly respond to your market needs is our rightful duty.

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