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9 Offshore Software Development Services Mistakes To Avoid

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Offshore Software Development Services Mistakes To Avoid

Finding the right offshore team can be challenging at times. Especially when it’s full of hassle if done incorrectly. However, on the other end, this practice can be the one-time solution for your organization in a world associated with scaling along with offshoring. It’s great, how it enables access to a much larger workforce and lays hands-on market opportunities.

An offshoring process means when companies relocate their business operations from one country to another but is still based domestically. It is different from outsourcing. It allows access to skilled & cost-effective talent amongst other benefits. There’s a lot more for your business in terms of -

  • Scalability

  • Profits

  • Value

  • Tech Expertise

  • Low Operational Costs

if you seek the opportunity to collaborate with the right offshore partner. In a technology-driven world, scaling up in the potential markets can be the right chance for you. With that understanding, let’s focus on the biggest offshore development service mistakes that you might have already encountered or may counter in the future.

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9 Biggest Offshore Development Service Mistakes

Establishing the right offshore development team for your business is a heavy decision. Even with a value-proposing mindset, failing to plan correctly can bring in unforeseen challenges. However, to make your job easy, we’ve curated a list of offshore development service mistakes that you must know about before making your final choices. Yet for every reason, you don’t want to make the same mistakes as the first step & may successfully drive through the entire process.

Biggest offshore development mistakes

1. Hire a Competent Team To Avoid The Hassle Of Micromanaging

It is important to always keep in mind that your offshore team is also responsible for your business success. Just as you comply with this, monitoring those offshore operations becomes your responsibility, not micromanaging them. This also goes much beyond the need that your offshore team should have the same access to the information & strategies as your local team. The purpose is to avoid any wastage of resources on projects & dodge hassle in the future.

Although, it often gets challenging when the team gets disconnected from the mainstream work. When they are only seen as employees working from overseas at a lesser cost, you might have to motivate them. So, to boost your team’s morale, you can encourage their involvement internally. It is important to consider them predominantly essential to manage your work.

Hence, communication becomes the key. You must also invite your top-level management executives to be a part of the communication process if this works for your business. Especially when it's the right time to leverage the contact between the two parties. In any case, our experts are an ideal setting to work with and are open to communication as often as you can!

2. Make Sure The Offshoring Team Is Compatible With Local & International Government Regulations

Failing to be an integral part of the negotiation process can be another big mistake. Usually, advisors or experienced attorneys handle the negotiations. They make sure to comply with the local government regulations. It’s pretty much related to familiarizing yourself with the deal & being an active participant in the process are two separate things.

During the negotiation process, the spirit must be such that your legal advisors support your argument and reach an agreement. However, a situation of failure would be when your advisors lead the process entirely. Thereby make sure to fill in with your viewpoints & demands at the right time.

3. Find A Partner Who Imbibes The Offshore Team With Your Set Of Values & Work Culture

Reviewing ongoing management gone wrong? Let’s see why & how. Hiring an offshore development service partner requires you to constantly monitor their performance. That’s so because your partner might not be familiar with your work environment. You must create a relationship with your offshore partner that makes them stay focused in the right direction.

It is also essential to trust your partner with work even from miles away. A sense of ongoing guidance will always make your job easier in the long run. Your offshore partner will contribute to the overall development of the project. They will also extend their skills & expertise to strike your business needs with excellence.

Besides, what if your offshore specialists are aware of your work culture & environment in advance? Indian engineers are aware very well aware of your set of work values & ethics. Trust us on this because it’s going to make your task easy. It will let you focus on other core operations while we outperform as always.

4. Choosing The Right Offshore Location Can Save You From Low-Quality Work

How do you get this right? Focusing on a less-distant location is not a solution in this case. Instead, prioritizing an offshore location with a team that yields deliverance of high-quality work, in the long run, must be the focus.

India is one of the leading offshore development service locations for prime-time tech projects. With -

  • A highly committed workforce

  • A unique skillset

  • More economical deals

  • A great vision to solve problems

  • A plethora of technical expertise

we match your business needs impressively. On top of that, your projects are handled with a great level of sincerity & responsibility on our end. So here it is, sending your project offshore will render high-quality software solutions both in terms of advancements & profits.

The City of Pune in India is an innovation-friendly city with tremendous growth opportunities. The city contributes heavily to the software industry with its top-notch software developers. However, one aspect that makes it more captivating is the emergence of the place as an IT destination. With its highly-experienced IT experts, the place is now referred to as Upcoming The Silicon Valley of India.

5. Get The Right Offshore Development Partner That Will Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

Why is it so important to get the right offshore development partner on board?

That's because your partner will not only optimize your work output but also be responsible to deliver value through it. If you’re appointing a person to handle your tech operations, in other words, you’re trusting the party with sensitive business information. Now, If your partner misuses this information, it’s against your work stability, ethics and is a crime altogether.

To avoid this, analyze your prospects in the beginning before making your final decision. It's also essential to collaborate with a partner who’s loyal to your business & has considerable experience in the same work environment. Besides, our highly skilled team of experts aspire to take your business to the next level by achieving concrete results.

Offshore Software Development Services Mistakes To Avoid

6. Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities To Avoid Muddling Up The Project Outcome

The key source for the success of any business project is open communication. When you clearly define the job responsibilities & mention what you expect out of your partner, the process becomes automatically easier. This goes much beyond the saying that if you’ve made up your mind to trust an individual with your tech project, you got to do more.

You ought to explain the project in detail to avoid any kind of confusion in the future.

Both the parties should be open to communication & be extra crucial in setting up the mechanism to work. Major decisions regarding the project should be routinely made keeping in mind the overall offshore strategy. This is only done to avoid even the slightest of misunderstandings. The result of which is the healthy transition for everyone to get indulged seamlessly.

7. Prioritizing Costs Way Too Much Over Value

Focusing on quality work must be your go-to mantra for offshore projects. Well, of course, if you’re getting on board with offshore software developers, in all likelihood, the costs would be much lower in comparison to local hires. But, focusing way too much on costs than quality can get you in quality trouble.

For businesses offshoring their projects overseas, the costs in themselves become more economical. So, Indian developers are probably your best chance if you're looking for cost-effective solutions. The experience required to match your business comes with it. Our mantra is to propose value in abundance than the amount spent offshore.

8. Save The Future Of Your Business By Conducting Due-Diligence

Companies must be diligent about their work processes & work standards when it comes to offshoring. It is important to take reasonable steps & caution to evaluate the potential of your offshore partner. Without which, you’re clearly wasting your time on finalizing the wrong offshore service provider.

Even if the offshore development team is someone in your contact, you must conduct due diligence. If not anything, you must do it to evaluate the shortcomings & stability of the service provider. There should be no excuse to avoid this part before making your final decision.

9. Long-Term Strategy & Goals To Dodge Major Consequences

Offshoring your business projects overseas requires proper management & handling. You need a full-fledged long-term strategy for healthy functioning and to keep away from negative outcomes. Deciding factors in the tech projects must be generally planned to avoid wastage of time & resources at later stages.

Moreover, working relationships between the teams should match the interests of the organization. It must be such that they work according to the approach acceptable by both parties. Thereby, making sure that the relationship gets stronger day by day. As a result, you get to understand each other’s viewpoints to achieve business objectives.


When hiring a team of offshore developers, you must avoid the above-mentioned mistakes for a healthy flow of communication & effective results. Today's IT companies are offshoring their work overseas because they've already experienced the benefits that may not be rendered by your local team. Especially when it comes to the costs associated with the entire process, you can only get rid of it by going offshore!

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