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Offshore Guide 101: Via Indian Software Development Companies

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Guide To Indian Offshore Development Companies

With the Indian IT sector constantly enhancing, global corporations have driven the world with their high-quality software solutions. Today, they’ve surpassed themselves from just accepting cost-effective deals. Instead, the focus is now on the digital transformation of the companies based overseas. They drive your business models towards new technological innovations intending to wave the growth of your company.

The comprehensive engineering education system of India has transformed its engineers to create high-quality software solutions. Since most of these engineers are based in the Pune City of India, the Indian IT engineers were quick to realize the offshore demand. Observing the demand, we’re making a worldwide impact every day!

Moreover, India is now the top-most offshoring location in the world. The employment cost associated with the process is 3-4 times cheaper than the US in the global market. That means rendering high-quality deliveries at a low cost is easier for us.

To constantly enhance the software development process, our team of developers will cater to your requirements. In this guide, you’ll read about how to set up an offshore team that exceeds your expectations. Besides that, we’ll also talk you through the hiring process. So, sit back and give it a read.

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What Are Offshore Development Services?

Offshore development services constitute setting up a team of developers in another country & delegating your business operations to them. You can also refer it to as an extension of your current business in a different country. This practice is usually adopted to scale your business. However, the professionals who work for you are just like your local team, based overseas.

With the scarcity of skillful IT professionals across the US, it’s time that you move your operations to a country like India. This will allow you to pool in large talent and get economical deals in no time. Amongst other benefits of having an offshore team onboard is the willingness to recruit top engineers & grab opportunities by responding to short-term market requirements.

As Pune is the upcoming Silicon Valley Of India, the city empowers its engineers in multiple ways. With major IT companies leading there, it’s time that you too explore the city. In the offshore world, you get to focus on your core business while your offshore team administrates your projects innovatively.

Hiring Offshore Developers: How Do You Get Started?

Now that you know what offshore development services are, let’s create a checklist for you. Hiring offshore developers isn’t as difficult as it seems, just make sure that your company matches your expectations at each step of the hiring process.

Given below are some of the points you should consider while hiring your team carefully -

  • Seek referrals & recommendations

  • Find a team with highly skilled professionals

  • Clearly define your business expectations & goals

  • Consider the time-zone differences

  • Ask multiple questions - To establish trust & effective communication

  • Assess the cultural compatibility of your prospects

  • Plan the budget in advance

  • Be present in the negotiations

  • Treat your offshore team like your local team

How To Set Up An Indian Offshore Team?

As you see, all you need to find is the best offshore software developers that can streamline your work easily after clearly recognizing your market demands. Let’s see how to set up an Indian offshore team that can render premium software solutions.

Indian Software Development Companies

Define your vision, goals & expectations

At first, it is crucial to clearly define your business goals & expectations for better understanding. You must base your flow of communication on this to avoid any confusion & conflict in the future.

State the job description & assess what you’re looking for

By listing down the job description, you’ll set the basis of assessment clear in your hiring process. In short, this will avoid wastage of time & you get to specify the offshore responsibilities distinctly. Accordingly, assess the skills listed in the prospects’ resumes & make your decision.

Do your research & scrutinize your prospects

It is important to do your research & spend a lot of time screening each prospect company to leave any scope for doubts. All the more, this is done to establish a good business relationship by ensuring that your prospect’s working standards match your expectations.

Establish clear-cut communication

It all starts with clearly communicating the plan & discussing relevant details like payment structure, crisis management plans, security system & prior experience. Ask as many questions as you can and answer theirs too. Be present in the negotiation process and be transparent about your work standards.

Get your team onboard

Once you choose the best offshore software development company, welcome the team onboard. Treat them like your local team & trust your team with relevant business information. Communicate with them from time to time & involve them in the business processes.

Why Should Your Company Choose Offshoring?

Offshore development is a global trend now. With India giving rise to 1.4 million engineers every year, we got some of the best in our team. Setting up your offshore development team with us will give you an edge over your competitors. However, the bottom line is our skilled developers create some of the best software solutions that canto maximize your profitability. Our results ensure the successful development of your excellent idea into software solution reality!

Your company must choose to offshore with us for the following reasons -

Guide To Indian Offshore Development Companies

Offshoring VS Outsourcing

Offshoring is the practice of relocating your business operations to a different country with a motive to take leverage of offshoring benefits. These benefits include skilled professionals, low costs, seamless scalability, and others. In the case of offshoring, a full team of high-skilled professionals is assigned to manage your projects and look after your business requirements. With this kind of service offered, your offshore team will generate value in the long run.

Whereas, Outsourcing is the process of assigning work to a third party on a contractual basis. The contract is temporary & is usually up for a short period. Here, the employees working for you as a third party may also be involved with other projects. As a consequence, it might get difficult to deliver a focused solution for each of these projects.

If you’re willing to contract out a single project, you can definitely go with offshoring. However, if the work is more extensive & requires the focus of a dedicated team, a premium solution will be to go offshoring!

Offshoring To India In 2022

Guide To Indian Offshore Development Companies

Setting up a dedicated offshore team in another country is a big step for your business. And now that you’ve decided to manage this, you’ve taken your first best decision. Despite that, let’s see why offshoring to India maybe your second-best decision.

India is a country influenced by the IT Industry and backed by cost advantage & skillful engineers. Offshoring to India would reduce your employment costs in comparison to the US without skimping on other resources. These costs include recruitment, salary, training, and others.

The team working in India has an affinity towards English and if collaborated with the right service provider, your company will generate profits in abundance. By 2023-2024, India will be the principal IT offshore location in the world and might even surpass the US with the highest number of developers.

With a pool of talent ready to collaborate with you, take leverage of the time-zone difference. Indian companies can easily render services to western & eastern countries given the country’s mid-longitudes. So, to manage the time, you get 24/7 customer support at your ease.

As a matter of time, if you’re confused about where in India? Pune is the answer right here. It is the upcoming Silicon Valley In India powered by top-notch engineers willing to surpass your expectations!


1. What Is ODC In India?

An offshore development center is an extended group of dedicated professionals working on your projects from a center located in India. The crux behind this arrangement is to get access to the most skillful developers from the country to fulfill the market requirements in no time. That means your team of employees from India will administer your projects with the intention to support your company from overseas.

  • Highly-skilled developers

  • Low-operating costs

  • Top-notch software solutions

  • 24/7 technical support

2. Is offshoring to India cheap?

Absolutely. Offshoring to India can be a strategic call for some companies & a chance to scale up for many. However, for a country like India packed up with skillful engineers & a lower cost of living as compared to the countries in the west, it’s an opportunity for you to expand in the country. This is also directly associated with the low recruitment costs & salaries. This way you get access to high-quality work at low costs. Yet, when tech giants like IBM, Microsoft & Google can do it, why shouldn’t you?

3. How do I set up an offshore development center in India?

To set up an offshore development center in India, start by -

  1. Have a clear understanding of your vision, goals & expectations

  2. Lists down the job description & your potential recruits

  3. Do your research

  4. Look for a promising deal that matches your expectations

  5. Assess the time-zone differences

  6. Have a clear-cut communication

  7. Discuss the payment terms

  8. Choose the offshore team that imbibes with your work culture

4. What are the benefits of offshore software development services in India?

By offshoring your business, you get access to a variety of benefits that strategically empowers your business to boost your profitability. It provides you with -

  • Highly qualified professionals

  • Reduced costs associated with recruiting, training & salaries

  • Lets you focus on your core business

  • Transparency & established communication

  • Faster delivery & quality work

  • Ability to meet short-term & long-term market requirements

  • Cultural compatibility

  • Maximum output powered by profitability


So, now that you’re aware of what it’s like to offshore software development services in India, we’re sure that you’ll be able to assess it better. With the exclusive benefits & highly skilled talent in the country, this shall be the perfect opportunity for your business to scale up. So with that, let’s make your offshore experience seamless with a greater edge in the industry.

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