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Operational framework at Giant Leap Systems

As Giant Leap Systems kept evolving as any other start-up would, it was time to define an operational framework. We did some research on the available theories out there and questioned each of them to try and come out with something that will suit our vision. In that spirit, we came out with quite a few initiatives like:

  1. Results Only Work Environment

  2. Reward Box

  3. Moonshot

  4. Objectives and Key Results

  5. Friday Huddles

We are just a few quarters into this and the process is still evolving. We will surely be adding more initiatives in time to come as we learn more and more. Each of these initiatives is designed to provide an environment that satisfies needs like:

  1. Total freedom

  2. Flat hierarchies

  3. Individual respect

  4. Implement/create/make things happen

  5. Voice

  6. Fun

  7. Good Pay

With these individual and collective needs in place, we intend to achieve a highly creative workplace, positive contribution, greater responsibility and accountability, learning and research opportunities, and finally creating ‘A’ players.

Having said that, I would like to conclude that however trendy the concepts may sound, they are equally challenging to implement. Challenging not in terms of understanding them but in terms of changing mindset, encouraging openness, and giving a secure feeling to all towards accepting failure. We kept measuring the parameters all the while and at first, the progress was snail pace or even negative. But, I dare say,  with time things started looking bright and made our belief even stronger for us to pursue this at full throttle. I will elaborate a bit more on each of the above concepts in my next few blogs.

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